Take your business into the cloud with Telelink’s local and offsite backup solutions.

Enterprise-grade Data Protection, SMB ease-of-use

  • High-speed Local Backup

    Up to 8TB of local data protection for all desktops and servers
    Clienteles backup running at local network speed

  • Automatic Offsite Backup

    Device-based online backup service that can be scheduled to operate at off-hours. Block-level deduplication and HIPAA-compliant AES encryption

  • Self Restore and Remote Access

    Web-based access to local and remote backup history. Secure remote access to office files

  • Enterprise-grade NAS

    Journaling file system, RAID, Windows file sharing, NFS, iSCSI, rsync, WebDAV, Fully managed from remotely

Telelink Cloud Services

Competitive Features Comparison

Cloud Attached Storage PC-Based Online Backup Tape Backup
Fully automated
On-site data protection
Off-site data protection
Secure, encrypted backup
Continues backup while PC is off
No PC software required
Restore directly to NAS
Worldwide access to local & off-site files
Integrated File Server

Unique End User Benefits

  • All-in-one Appliance & Service
 – Advanced NAS, collaboration & backup
  • Transparent Network-level Solution
 – No PC software, backs up all PCs
  • Multi-layer Data Protection
 – Local & offsite history snapshots

The bottom line: CTERA’s technology and service are elegant, easy and fast to deploy, flexible and cost-effective… It’s a solution we can recommend.

The CTERA Product Family


CTERA Portal
Central Management and Service Provisioning Software


CTERA CloudPlug
Turns USB/eSATA HDD into Managed NAS with Cloud Services

SB / Small Branch

CTERA C200 (6TB)
2-bay RAID-1, Managed NAS with Cloud Services

SMB / Branch

CTERA C400 (12TB)
4-bay RAID-5/6, Managed NAS with Cloud Services

SMB / Large Branch

CTERA C800 (24TB)
8-bay RAID-5/6, Managed NAS with Cloud Services

Cloud services in the media

Cloud Services in the Media

The Telelink Team

Jim Montgomery

Jim Montgomery


With over 30 years in the IT business, Jim can help suggest what technology works best for each company’s unique needs, while at the same time keeping costs low and quality high.

Bill Graham

Bill Graham


A certified server administrator, Bill has expertise in RAID, networking, servers, and Network Attached Storage (NAS). He’s the go-to network guy.

Garrison Jackinsky

Garrison Jackinsky


Garrison has been involved with computing from an early age. His passion is making technology meet the needs of users, and that’s why he’s the perfect fit here at Telelink.

Dave Flynn

Dave Flynn

Web Developer

A full-stack web developer who specialises in Wordpress. Dave can take your website from concept to implementation.

Pam Ervin

Pam Ervin

Administrative Assistant

Pam is very personable and has a great knack for making people feel comfortable and at ease, which makes her a natural working with Telelink’s customers and clients.

Beverly Montgomery

Beverly Montgomery

Administrative Assistant

Beverly brings her expertise to Telelink through marketing and advertising and helps to growth of the company by liaising with existing and potential customers.