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Home Users

For the home user we offer a down to earth service. We know how important your personal computer is to you, and there's nothing worse than not knowing what went wrong and having to be without your system for weeks while it is being repaired. With Telelink you can be sure of a timely service, and when we repair your system we cut through all the technical jargon and tell you what went wrong and how we are fixing it in plain English. We'll also help you to make sure it doesn't happen again!

Did you backup your files before bringing it in for a service? if not, don't worry, just let us know and we can perform a backup for you and make sure your important files are still there when your computer comes back to you.

Business Users

For business users, we understand time is money, and if computers go down it can can result in you not being able to service your customers.

When you employ Telelink to watch over your network we offer a multi-level service so we can react quickly when you need us. Depending on your service package, we will make regular visits to you company to ensure your systems are running as they should, if a problem does occur we are just a phone call away, and a technician can be dispatched to help quickly.

We also offer remote monitoring and management services, so we can maintain your network without having to get under your feet. Using this technology we can keep your systems up to date, diagnose problems remotely, and even control a computer if needs be. Your employees will also be able to submit support ticket directly to us from their computer.

Managed IT Questions?

Do you have questions about Managed IT Services and what they can do for your company?

It's Nice To Know Who You're Working With, We Get That

Telelink understands that making a decision means putting your trust in us. We encourage you to find out more about our company and read testimonials from our many satisfied customers!

We are not your typical business, We are your business partners

We live by the idea that your business needs come first, so much so that our CEO Jim Montgomery has written a letter for you to read showing just how dedicated our team is to not only solving problems but your success!

Shhh, don't tell anyone we told you!

WARNING: We are about to let you in on a secret about how most computer companies really make their money! We will cover the three main types of IT companies and what you can expect out of them.

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