Servers & Networking

On-Site Server

To maintain full control over your data let Telelink install and maintain a server on-site. We support all types of servers, including file, print, web, database and mail.

If you’re not sure how a server can help improve efficiency in your office or business then contact us for a consultation and our technicians will help you understand how to get the most out of server technology.
Detail services

How can a server work for your business?

  • Email Server – Manage your own email
  • Print Server – Save on hardware costs by sharing printers with your whole nextwork
  • Database – Keep your important data on-site
  • Web Server – Development or production web servers available
  • File Server – Share files with all computers in the office and even on the cloud

Keeping you connected

An often overlooked technology that is essential in the modern business world. A network not only connects the computers within your office, but also lets you connect to the outside world. Using a network you can share files between computers, communicate within your business, access your files while you are away from the office and more.

In addition to email services both Google and Exchange provide other essential integrated services for keeping employees organized and connected. Features include:

Telelink provides the folllowing network related services:

  • Wired and wireless network installation
  • Hardware installation and maintenance
  • Various server installation and maintenance
  • Networked telephony systems
  • network services customized for your business operations