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5 Upcoming Innovations to Relieve Tech Madness

Is your technology driving you mad over March Madness? I’ve rounded up a list of tech innovations that are coming in the near future that should help make your life easier. Some of these are more down-to-earth and will be available soon, and some are a bit more ‘out there’! 1. Touch Sensitive Jacket The … Continued

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Top Ten Tech Tips to start the new year off right!

You might have already broken some of your new year’s resolutions, but here are some great ways to keep your computers and other devices lean, mean, and ready to face the new year.   1, Physically clean out your computer – Desktop computers are notorious for collecting dust. Fans and air vents can become clogged … Continued

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The Twelve Online Shopping Tips of Christmas

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a hectic one. Work is wrapping up for the year, you’ve got Christmas parties to go to, and one more important thing – Christmas shopping.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, but that doesn’t mean all of your gifts are purchased. With time running out before … Continued

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A Time to be Thankful

2016 has been marching on and Thanksgiving is upon us. The time of year when we sit down with family and loved ones and reflect on the things that we’re thankful for. Being a technology company, naturally my thoughts turn to how that technology improves our lives and makes it easier to keep in touch … Continued

If your data was held to ransom, could your business recover?

When you think of ways that data loss might occur, you’ll probably first think of hardware failure, natural disasters, or robbery. Actually, those instances only account for 25% of data loss. A huge 75% of data loss occurs due to human error, and it’s this human error that allows hackers into your network and puts … Continued

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My Personal Experience with Windows 10

You all have heard about Windows 10, Microsoft’s next desktop operating system. I’ll keep this short and sweet. A lot of people, myself included, were not a big fan of Windows 8. The tiles were too hard to get used to unless you have a touch screen monitor or laptop. Microsoft went to this interface … Continued