If your data was held to ransom, could your business recover?

When you think of ways that data loss might occur, you’ll probably first think of hardware failure, natural disasters, or robbery. Actually, those instances only account for 25% of data loss. A huge 75% of data loss occurs due to human error, and it’s this human error that allows hackers into your network and puts your data, and ultimately your business, at risk.

What is Ransomware

It’s software that holds your data to ransom, and it’s now a billion dollar per year industry. Hackers gain access to your system and encrypt your data. Once your data is encrypted you cannot access it – invoices, photos, customer files and other important documents – all locked away with a key only the hackers have. The hackers then hold you to ransom at an average of $180 to $700 per computer!

The Human Element

The obvious choice for protecting your computer seems like anti-virus software, but while this is part of the solution, it is not enough. The primary method ransomware gains access to computers is through ‘phishing’ – tricking users into installing it.

An innocent looking email with an invoice attached to it is downloaded and opened, but the file is actually a virus in disguise. Within minutes all the data on the computer is locked away and inaccessible.

The ransomware viruses are released at such a rate that antivirus companies cannot keep up. A recent report states that the most prevalent ransomware virus is infecting systems at a rate of 90,000 per day!

The solution

The FBI urges victims not to pay the ransom and instead focus on protecting your network and computers. So what steps can you take to ensure that are ready in the event of a randomware attack.

In short – backup. But not in the traditional sense were you connect a hard drive to computer once a week, or use the built in Windows backup. These solutions are not powerful enough.

Sync your files for up-to-date backups

Telelink offers both consumer and professional grade backup and sync services.

Using our syncing backup service you can recover data from between a 5 minute, 1 hour, and 24 hour granularity. You can restore single files, folders, or even restore your whole system.

Not only that, but you can also restore versions of files. So even if your files have been encrypted and then those files backed up, you can restore to an earlier version. We provide limitless versioning – so your data is infinitely safe.

And in those few minutes while you are waiting for your data to be restored, you can use a convenient mobile app to view your files.



Ransomware isn’t going away. It’s now a billion dollar industry that is making hackers very rich by extorting businesses. By paying the ransom, the victims only perpetuate the problem.

Instead of paying up and making these criminals richer, make the smart choice and try backing up instead.

Jim Montgomery

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